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6 Days Tribal Experience tour itinerary for Orellana, Quito & Yasuni National Park: Go On A Waoranis Tribe Expedition

Orellana, Quito, Yasuni National Park

Camping Tour
Tribal Experience Tour
Wildlife Tour
Go on a Waoranis Tribe Expedition

Boat Expedition

Yasuni National Park-Ecuador

Explore the deepest jungle within Yasuni National Park to visit the last communities of the Waoranis tribe. Witness the tribal lifestyle as they tackle and cope with nature, far away from city life.

DAY 01


  • Meet with the guide at the Auca hotel in the city of El Coca, at 7 am.

  • Start the expedition by land transport to the Shiripuno Community,  where a motor-boat would be waiting.

  • Continue the expedition by the river Shiripuno- the world of water and the immense jungle is waiting.

  • Take instructions on how to travel by canoe in these places and places that you might come across .

  • Have your boxed lunch, served onthe beach, at 1pm.

  • Take time out to relax and appreciate the jungle.

  • Continue downriver, watching beautiful birds like toucan and parrots, as wearriveto a beautiful sand beach where we can camp the first night deep in the jungle.

  • Look for the first Waorani home to camp there.

  • Look forward to a delicious dinner at 7:30 pm.

  • After dinner, you can opt for a stroll.

  • Sleep by 10 to be ready for the next day.

DAY 02

el coca-waoranis tribe territory-amazon

  • Get your breakfast at sharp 7 am.

  • Pack everything and continue downstream on yourmotor-boat.

  • Enter into the territory of a tribe called Taromenanes,  that remains uncontacted, adding to the requirement of travelling very fast for the journey of 3 to 4 hours.

  • Have your lunch at 12:30 pm, choosing between an old Waorani house or the beach.

  • Continue up to Bameno at 1:15 pm.

  • Arrive tothe last Waoraniscommunity called Bameno,sharing the night in one of theirhome or camp.

  • Relax and sleep by 8pm.

DAY 03

waoranis tribe territory-amazon

  • Head out for birdwatching around the area, at 6:30 am.

  • Grab a hearty breakfast at 7 am.

  • Go for a hike, looking for flora and fauna.

  •  Visit the area where Macaws come to eat the sand and minerals of that area.

  • Go for a swim in the river Cononaco, at 1 pm.

  • Indulge in a box lunch on the beach, and go back to our camp.

  • Visit the bat cave or go fishing for Piranhas.

  • Watch as one of the elders and a hunter from the community conducts a demonstration of curare venom (a poison used to kill animals): elaboration of the traditional "spear, arrows" of different palms.

  • Learn about tribal and what they do before to go for hunting inside the jungle, including all the material that they prepare and use.

  • Get ready for a feast at 7 pm.

  • Indulge in a night activity after dinner.

  • Go to sleep at 10 pm.

DAY 04

waoranis tribe territory-amazon

  • Head out for birdwatching of the.650 different species of birds, at 6:30 am.

  • Grab a hearty breakfast, with some good strong coffee at 7 am.

  • Visit a lagoon called (itekaword), that means anacondas lagoon.

  • Keep an eye out for turtles, alligators, prehistoric birds,  and anaconda, the largest snake in the world, and other species that can be around the lagoon.

  • Visit a magnificent large treecalled ceibo (kapok),thesecond biggest tree in the world and the tallest from the Amazon.

  • Head out for lunch at 12:30 pm.

  • Go for a tutorial of using blowgun and spear, techniques and demonstration of hunting, alongside acultural coexistence and handcrafts demonstration.

  • Make out some time to go fishing.

  • Share the dinner together with the local people at 8 pm.

  • Head out for a fire night, that involves culture exchange with as the oldest man from the community will tell us his stories.

  • Savour the last night with the community.

DAY 05

waoranis tribe territory-amazon

  • Head out for breakfast and coffee at 8 am.

  • Start packing and preparing to return upstream.

  • Come across alligators (caimans), turtles, a lot of birds, toucans and parrots and monkeys.

  •  Stop to prepare lunch in one of the beautiful beaches or  go to one of the old houses from one of the Waoronifamilies that was living there before, at 12 pm.

  • Continue upriver, crossingvery fast until arrivingto one of the good beaches to camp or to the other Waorani family stronghold.

  • Head out for dinner at 7 pm and camp at the beach.

  • Choose from optional night activity or fire nightin the beach.

  • Get to sleep by 10 pm.

DAY 06


  • Head out for breakfast at 7 am.

  • Continue coming back upriver by our motor boat,  looking for the last animals that can be around andtaking the last pictures from the jungle.

  • Look out for caimans (alligators) sleeping in the beach, sunbathing turtles or even magnificent anacondas, lurking around.

  • Stop in a good sanded beach to have box lunch at 12pm.

  • Arrive at Shiripuno community by 2 pm.

  • Take a taxi back to Coca city.

  • 3900 USD Per Adult (* minimum 2 people)
  • 12500 USD Per Group (* maximum 5 people)
  • 15500 USD Per Group (* maximum 10 people)
  • 20000 USD Per Group (* maximum 15 people)
  • River transport 6 days.

  • Accommodation in individual tent and matrimonial.

  • Complete meals during the tour.

  • Entrance to the community and tour and cultural activities.

  • Guide service.

  • Water 24h.

  • Rain ponchos.

  • Rubber boots less than 43.


  • River transport by private canoe.

  • The food is served in the beach or in the restaurant of the community.

  • First aid kit is available.

  • Most of our route does not have telephone services, internet and not electricity.

  •  Ground or air transportation to the city of coca and return to the city of origin.

  • Gratuities, extra meals and drinks.

  • Tips. life insurance. emergency expenses.

  • Activities not specified in the program.

  • Personal equipment needed:

    • Thermal and waterproof jacket.

    • Light clothing, trousers, and shirts with long sleeves (better green, camouflage or dark colors)

    • Thin sacks.

    •  Cap and goggles.

    •  Swimsuit.

    • Comfortable backpack to carry it during jungle walks.

    • Insect repellent.

    • Flashlight and extra batteries.

    • Water bottle (does not supply drinking water).

    • Sun block.

    • Camera (if you have a small really good quality and good zoom camera is better).

    • Passport or identity card and vaccination card (yellow fever).

  • During this tour, we will travel slowly so we can observe the great biodiversity of flora and fauna that surrounds us.  Among them would be found plants with beautiful flowers, very colorful birds, turtles, monkeys and other animals that will surprise us with their majestic beauty.   Maybe some animals can try to surprise and scare us, and for this reason, we recommend bringing high-quality cameras because we are in the most biodiverse place in the world and we are sure you want to bring back with you great memories to share with your friends and family.

  • Note: there will be a gratuity from more than 5 passengers. There may be changes in the itinerary according to weather conditions. Bring it with you some money cash to buy some handicrafts made by the tribe and the tips depend upon you.

  • Last community of the Waoranis tribe is located approximately 86 kilometers away by land from the town of Puerto Francisco de Orellana (el coca), and another 200 kilometers by waterway from Shiripuno; less than 20 kilometers from the border with Peru. This community has great tourism potential in natural, cultural and gastronomic resources. During our tour you will be able to know the fauna, the flora of the Yasuni national park and the Waorani culture that lives in the area, enjoy its landscape and the tranquility that the jungle offers us in an unparalleled paradise.

Orellana, Quito, Yasuni National Park

Camping Tour
Tribal Experience Tour
Wildlife Tour

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Ecuador Amazon

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This tour is offered throughout the year.The tour starts at 08:00 hours.

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