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15 Days Nature tour itinerary for ecuador: Delve Into The Wilderness Of Amazon

Limoncocha National Biological Reserve, Quito, Sumaco Napo-Galeras National Park, Yasuni National Park

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Delve into the wilderness of Amazon

Ride a canoe.

Yasuni National Park-Ecuador

Explore the 3 magical protected reserves to experience the epicentre of Amazonian flora and fauna as you stroll in the jungles of possibility. This expedition will see you canoe, hike, swim and even swing like Tarzan as you explore life in the jungle.

DAY 01


  • Take a flight or bus from Quito to Coca.

  • Drive to Limoncocha indigenes town, to stay at a beautiful rustic lodge.

  • Get a short orientation as your guide teaches you how to watch out for dangerous animals and insects.

  • Go out for a night walk.

DAY 02

coca-limoncocha biological reserve

  • Make an early start by canoeing into the lagoon to see the large variety of aquatic birds that populate this area.

  • Take a look at the tiny islands formed by "Chontillas" and "Asturias", an established colony of birds and their nests that live in the reserve.

  • Enjoy the sunrise as you paddle through.

  • Take a walk to learn about how the plants, fruits and trees of the jungle have been an invaluable source of food, medicine, wood, household items, clothing and much more for the Kichwa people both past and present.

DAY 03

limoncocha biological reserve

  • Hike deep into the jungle, coming across the different plants, fruits and trees as your guide explains how they are used in the Kichwa culture, both past and present. 

  • Look out for gigantic trees - "ceibo" - that are approximately 400-500 years old and you will discover the magic that they hold.

  • Swing from huge vines just like Tarzan and swim in a river called the "Rio Blanco". (White River)

  • Stop for lunch on the banks of Rio Blanco and indulge in some fishing,

  • Head towards the lagoon by canoe to see the crocodiles, birds and luminous insects.

  • Spend part of the evening enjoying the magnificent night concert that surrounds you.

DAY 04

limoncocha-yasuni national park

  • Go for the last chance to bird watch in Limoncochalagoon with a short hike looking for parrots, toucan and monkeys.

  • Visit a museum to learn about the past of the different tribes from this region, including the non- contacted tribe.

  • Continue the expedition; this time by boat 2 hours down along the Napo river to a new lodge inside of Yasuni national park.

  • Stay for the night.

DAY 05

yasuni biosphere reserve

  • Visit a parrot clay lick in Yasuni national park to see a diverse variety of parrots that come to eat the natural salt and minerals.

  • Visit a women’s kichwa indigenous group.

  • Hike on, looking for a remote lagoon, 2hour deeper into the jungle.

  • Set up your camps for a night stay

  • Navigate in this lagoon during the night.

DAY 06

yasuni national park

  • Navigate around the lagoon, looking for the local birds, otters and other animals from the area.

  • Have lunch and walk back to the lodge.

DAY 07

yasuni national park- biosphere reserve

  • Visit the local school and help teach English, an act of goodwill that would be appreciated.

  •  Get a slice of the regular South American life as you participate in playing volleyball and soccer with the school children.

  •  Walk to visit a local indigenes Kichwafamily and their farm.

  • Learn how to make artisanal chocolate with natural cacao without chemicals and consume them with bananas.

DAY 08

yasuni national park

  • Visit a tower of 60 meters, located 30 minutes from the lodge inside the inside the Yasuni National.

  • Climb and take a glimpse of the canopy where you will enjoy and appreciate the importance of this beautiful paradise from this biodiverse country of Ecuador.

  • Go for a hike inside the area.

  • Visit the information centre of Yasuni national park and continue to explore inside of this remote area of Yasuni.

DAY 09

yasuni national park-sumaco national park

  • Go for a 2-hour hike looking for animals and birds where if we have luck, we can see groups of jungle pigs(peccaries), sometimes tapir (jungle caw), hundreds of parakeets and the uncommon scarlet macaw. 

  • Take a canoe ride for 1 hour and 2 hours by bus or car going to an indigenes town called Sumaco. 

DAY 10

sumaco biosphere reserve

  • Spend the morning over a hearty breakfast.

  • Visit a place containing 6 lovely waterfalls for swimming and adrenaline sports.

  • Witness a stunning sunset in the river and climb to see the magical panorama of Sumaco volcano and the sunset.

  • Head for a dinner out in the wild and return.

DAY 11

sumaco biosphere reserve

  • Visit the pasohurco community - observation of marine fossils.

  • Head for the open area to see a panoramic view of sumaco volcano. 

  • Observe of millenary rock formations called the elephant cemetery

  • Visit the cavern called the labyrinth of the Huami

  • Indulge in fishing and feeding the largest freshwater fish and largest one of the Amazon- the Paiche.

  • Take the Cultural walkway in the shelter refuge of parrots.

  • Return to the hotel.

DAY 12

sumaco biosphere reserve

  • Visit the indigenous Kichwa Mishky Yaku community.

  • Visit an agricultural farm and observe how local products are made.

  • Grab an opportunity to craft elaborate handicrafts with ancestral designs, seeds and materials of the jungle.

  • Get mystified by the demonstration and healing of the shaman.

DAY 13

sumaco biosphere reserve

  • Visit the natural attraction, Carachupa Packcha.

  • Walk through the jungle where you will appreciate the flora and fauna of the place.

  • Master the use of hunting woapens such as the blowgun and typical traps.

  • Enjoy the fresh and clear waters of the Carachupa Packcha waterfall.

DAY 14

sumaco biosphere reserve

  • Indulge in Bird watching as you take a Jungle hike for 4 hours

  • Participate in adventure sports by the river Guataraco.

  • Visit a local indigenous kichwa family and spend time with them.

  • Practice the beautiful language of Spanish-Kichwa.

  • Have a shot of traditional drink.

DAY 15


  • Return via flight or bus to Quito, which is the capital of Ecuador.

  • 7000 USD Per Adult (* Min. 2 pax.)
  • 50000 USD Per Group (* Max. 10 pax.)
  • River and land transportation.

  • Accommodation in single and double bed.

  • Complete meals during the tour.

  • Entrance to the community and tour and cultural activities.

  • Guide service.

  • Water 24 hours.

  • Rain ponchos, rubber boots less than 43.

  • Snacks.

  • Wood-fire.

  • Cocktails.

  • Local fruits.

  • Jungle survival teaching skill.

  • Ground or air transportation to the city of coca and return to the city of origin. 

  • Gratuities, extra meals and drinks. 

  • Tips.

  • Emergency expenses.

  • Activities not specified in the program.

Personal equipment needed-

  • Thermal and waterproof jacket.

  • Light clothing, trousers and shirts with long sleeves ( better camouflage), thin sacks.

  • Cap and goggles. 

  • Swimsuit.

  • Comfortable backpack to carry it during jungle walks.

  • Insect repellent.

  • Flashlight and extra batteries.

  • Water bottle (does not supply drinking water).

  • Sunscreen.

  • Camera (better a good quality of camera with good zoom).

  • Passport or identity card and vaccination card (yellow fever).

Tourist facilities / services-

  • River transport by private canoe and private car or taxi.

  • The food is served in the restaurant of the place.

  • First aid kit is available.

  • Half part of our route does not have telephone services, internet.

  • 120 v electrical power is available. in some parts, we will have a generator to get the electricity.

General Information

  • Limoncocha Biological Reserve declared a Ramsar site by UNESCO in 1998.
    Yasuni National Park was designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1989.

  • Sumaco National Park with a volcano in the middle of the park, which gives different layers of soil with different animals species. On November 10, 2000 UNESCO declared it as "Biosphere Reserve.

Limoncocha National Biological Reserve, Quito, Sumaco Napo-Galeras National Park, Yasuni National Park

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Adventure Sports Tour
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Ecuador Amazon

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