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9 Days History tour itinerary for Djanet: Adventurous Tour Across The Algerian Sahara


History Tour
Camping Tour
Desert Tour

Explore the extreme southern region of Tassili N'Ajjer that houses a rare gem: the Tadrart. Walk across beautiful landscapes to discover rock carvings, different types of dunes, and other similar attractions in the area.

DAY 01

Paris - Djanet - Tinamali - Camp

  • Departure from Paris to Djanet.

  • On arrival, meet tour crew, followed by first bivouac on the road towards the Tadrart (15 min from the airport).

  • Overnight stay at camp in Tinamali.

DAY 02

Tinamali - El Berdj - 1 hour trek - Camp

  • In the morning, leave for El Berdj.

  • Arrive at El Berdj in the afternoon.

  • Overnight stay at camp.

DAY 03

El Berdj - Moul Naga

  • Go on a 4 to 6 hours trek through the gorges of El Berdj before entering an impressive dune.

  • Arrive at Moul Naga.

  • Bivouac at Moul Naga for overnight stay.

DAY 04

Moul Naga - Bouhadan

  • After breakfast, trek for 4 to 6 hours between pink dunes and rock carvings.

  • See the beautiful engravings of Wan Iska. 

  • Arrive at Guelta of Bouhadan later in the day.

  • Overnight stay at camp.

DAY 05

Bouhadan - Tin Merzouga

  • In the morning, go on a 4 to 6 hours trek to explore and visit a historical site famous for its beautiful paintings in the style of Neolithic era Bovidian.

  • Check out the Tin Merzouga erg and red dunes, with some reaching 600 meters.

  • Overnight stay at camp.

DAY 06

Tin Merzouga - Tamezguida

  • Following early breakfast, go on a 4 to 6 hour trek, hiking around Tin Merzouga dunes.

  • Explore landscapes of infinite variety.

  • Hike fiurther to reach the impressive arches of Tamzeguida.

  • Overnight stay at camp.

DAY 07

Tamezguida - Adjlati

  • After breakfast, trek for 1 to 2 hours, and then take a Wadi in Djaren to discover other prints and paintings. (Management- Adjlati Sabel Noiar)

  • Arrive at Adjlati.

  • Overnight stay at camp.

DAY 08

Adjlati - Djanet

Depart for Djanet. On the way, visit the site of the 'crying cow'.

Return to Djanet in the afternoon.

Take a small shower and explore the city.

Overnight stay in the city.

DAY 09


  • Transfer to airport for flight back home or Paris.

End of tour.

  • 1100 EUR Per Adult (* welcome )
  • Certified professional guide.

  • All terrain vehicles and gasoline.

  • Food.

  • Camping equipment.

“The real battle is to be at peace with oneself “ (Tuareg proverb)

Walk and explore the Eroded sandstone cliffs of the Tadrart region. See the multitude of figures, spooky houses, and stunning prints preserved by the arid climate. Walk in a maze of canyons, peaks, and overlapping arches as well as gigantic dunes called 'grognantes'.

Highlights :

  • Discover extraordinary landscapes.

  • See beautiful rock carvings.

  • Explore the large ocher dunes of Merzouga and fragile arches of Tin Taborak.


  • Ethical Commitment: Cooking will be mainly prepared using gas, and wood will be used for the preparation of cake and tea.

  • All of the waste will be collected and sorted by the local team, who are responsible for burning whatever they can, and carry the rest back to Djanet for disposal.


History Tour
Camping Tour
Desert Tour

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