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About Macae

Macaé, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, is a city off the beaten path for tourists. Known as Brazil’s Oil capital, the city’s emphasis on industry has left it a less-crowded hidden gem for tourists to discover.
Shades of blue from the beaches, river and waterfalls complement the white houses with rust red roofs in this picturesque town. Pecado Beach beckons surfers and is a great fishing spot while the busy Praia dos Cavaleiros is more tourist friendly, packed with restaurants and pubs. Enjoy the natural beauty around Macaé with a visit to The Arquipélago de Sant’Anna , a set of 3 islands  that is a  nesting place for varied  species of seabirds, or the magnificent waterfalls that adorn the area , the most prominent being the Escorrega Falls. Secure the services of a Macae tour guide to show you the city’s landmarks including the Farol de Imbetiba, the Igreja de Sant’Anna (a church built in 1630), and the Forte Marechal Hermes, a fortress dating back to the 1700s amongst others. Macae, after all has a lot of tourist potential given the  plenitude of sightseeing options on offer.

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