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14 Days Nature tour itinerary for Georgetown: Upper Essequibo River. King William Falls Adventure Fishing Trip - Guyana


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Upper Essequibo River. King William Falls Adventure Fishing Trip - Guyana

We will be undertaking some exciting trips far up the Upper Essequibo River near King William Falls in Guyana in the next few seasons. We will also be leading these expeditions into the jungles of Southern Guyana and are aiming for a max. 8 anglers per group.

This remote part of the rainforest has rarely been fished, even by the locals and few, if any white folks have ever been to the areas we will be exploring. 

Our mobile camp is set up on a sandy beach and under tree canopy to keep cool and the view over the river is spectacular. This beautiful river is surrounded by primary forest and wends its way through miles of deep stretches, cascades, waterfalls, fast white water and many boulders and rock ‘gardens’.  

The camp is totally self-sufficient in every way. Only a few privileged sport anglers have ever been here in the past and we are the only outfitters to be able to fish in what can only be described as a magical landscape.

We have four separate twin tents with cot beds, handling a maximum of only 8 anglers at any one time.  A separated area is screened off with a running shower and flushable toilet and the local Amerindian guides and staff sleep apart and under the forest canopy. An area is set up for our ‘dining room’ and the kitchen supplies cold drinks and hot food to our guests. Laundry is done daily.


There is such a diversity of species to be caught in the Essequibo River. With lures, flies, cutbaits and other baits, dozens of different fish will keep the avid angler busy the whole trip!

Hard-fighting ‘Essequibo’ Peacock Bass are some of the toughest and meanest Cichla species found anywhere in the Amazon. These amazing predators can be caught on medium-sized walk-the-dog lures like spooks and skitter walks, small poppers, propbaits and on jigs, flies and minnowbaits. They will smash topwater lures with abandon and there is nothing like the strike of a Peacock exploding on a lure worked across the surface.

Tough prehistoric-looking Hymara or Wolf Fish lurk in quiet pools and smash topwater lures, spinnerbaits and minnowbaits. They are also caught on cutbait.

The slash-and-grab Payara/Vampire Fish and the Pike-like Bicuda visibly chase surface lures, minnowbaits, jigs and flies in the faster water. They are often seen crashing on baitfish on the surface. Payara will take cutbait too.

Monkey Fish/Aruwana also make a regular appearance and will annihilate topwater lures, minnowbaits and jigs.

Giant Black Piranhas and Corvina/Pescada can also be caught using cutbait, or small lures, spoons and deep-jigging in the bigger pools and fast currents.     


We have some amazing Cats here also, from the unusual to big bruising bullies. All can be caught on cutbait, livebait or whole dead fish. 

Incredible strong Surubim or Shovel-nosed Tiger Cats are fast, sleek and strike hard. These hiroglyphically-marked predators are also caught on minnowbaits and jigs and streak away like a rocket. They are mostly caught in the shallower sand bars and faster water.The Leopard or Jundia Cat is a dynamite of a fish for its size. Averaging 15lbs, they max out at about 25lbs and are the tastiest fish in the Amazon. They are knick-named the ‘chicken of the Amazon’ and for a good reason. With soft flesh like Salmon, they are great on the BBQ! The express train Banana or Redtail Cats must be rated as the hardest-fighting Cats in the whole Amazon for its size. A 50lb Redtail will take you all over the river and strips line in reel-smoking, screaming runs. It’s a dirty fighter too and will take you into every nearby tree, bush, rock or cavern.

Jau Cats are the Rottweillers of the river and will scream off at a rate of knots. Big Jau often need to be chased to be landed.

AND,  we have THE King of all Cats, the Giant Freshwater Shark/LauLau/Piraiba. This monster of a Catfish grows to over 400lbs and when hooked, roars off at 100 miles an hour. This is a beast of a fish and can sometimes be seen crashing on the surface at large baitfish. 


There are so many other species for the avid angler to catch who is willing to go that extra mile. Anglers can catch nut, fruit and berry-eating fish like the Red and Black Pacu, Couti, Aracu and many more scaled species all day long.

The weird and wonderful are still to be discovered by many foreign fishermen and we have them all.

Plenty of European anglers enjoy what is classified as ‘coarse fishing’, and an angler could easily ‘bag-up’ with sweetcorn, nuts, fruit, bread, fish strips or freshwater snails.


BUT ........  the fish everyone wants to catch, the Holy Grail of all Amazonian fish, that lurks in quiet backwaters and still lagoons, is an air breather! This fish is prehistoric in every sense and it is an incredibly delicate fish for its size.

Arapaima roll on the surface to gulp air and because of this they easily give themselves away. An accurately-cast bait, fly or lure in the near proximity usually results in a hook-up and a long, hard battle! In the Essequibo River and its tributaries, these incredible river monsters grow in excess of 300lbs.

We have been granted exclusive permission to work with the local Amerindians making fishing for these wonderful Arapaima a sustainable sport with zero losses. Local guides are used who know these waters intimately and they are all very careful when handling these behemoths. 

We fish over-depth with large floats, no weights and we insist in only using circle hooks with Piranha cut bait or whole fish. All of the fish are hooked 100% in the corner of the mouth without one being harmed in any way and every one of them is released quickly to fight another day.

The Arapaima has huge scales along its entire body that are edged in brilliant red on the last 1/3 or more of its body. Its scales are used in body decorations like earrings and necklaces as well as files for nails. It has a huge tongue with large rasping teeth that the locals use instead of sandpaper for smoothing off wood etc.


With an endless diversity of flora and fauna around every corner, this river is a professional and amateur photographer’s dream. Around every corner there is something new to discover. Most terrestrial dwellers like Jaguars, Tapirs, Peccaries, Wild Boars, Agoutis are nocturnal but are sometimes seen crossing the river. 

Monkeys are plentiful in this region and Howler Monkeys are always somewhere in the background high up in the canopies growling and howling like banshees.

Giant Amazonian Otters group together and will fiercely protect their territory. They bark and snort at any intruder in their ‘space’ and are prolific hunters.

Birds of every shape, color and size can be seen everywhere throughout these watersheds and many species of Parrots are heard all day long fighting over space.

Toucans call to each other from the treetops like yipping puppies and Herons, Egrets, Bee-eaters, Kingfishers, Terns and Ospreys frequent these river banks in search of fish, snakes, lizards and insects to catch.

And of course, this beautiful Amazon Rainforest river would be complete with its fair share of resident Caimen Alligators.

DAY 01

Arrival in Istanbul - Transfer to the Hotel

Arrival GT and overnight in hotel.

DAY 02


  1. Commercial flight to Annai: vehicle transfer to Rupununi continue by boat to First Camp. 

DAY 03


  1. Move to Camp 2 in King William Falls and 6 days fishing.

DAY 12

Annai Village

  1. Depart King William Falls area by boat 07:00 hrs: arrive Annai village at 15.00 hrs.

  2. Overnight Oasis Lodge in Annai.

DAY 13

Flight to GT

Commercial flight to GT and overnight in hotel.

DAY 14


International flight back home.

  • 4050 USD Per Adult (* 6 or 9 days fishing)
  1. All transfers on arrival and when leaving, overnight at hotel in Georgetown.

  2. Return flight from GT to Annai, overnight in Oasis Lodge in Annai.

  3. Transport to river, all food and soft drinks (see below) while in camp and while fishing.

  4. Daily laundry and 6 days guided fishing, based on double occupancy.

  1. *Any flights, visas, meals and drinks while in GT.

  2. Any tips

  3. Hard liquor, wine, beer, fishing tackle, lures, jigs etc.

  4. Please be advised that amounts of beers will need to be ordered well before hand and charged for accordingly.


Nature Tour
Fishing Tour
Camping Tour

Contributed By

Steve Townson

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USD 4050
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