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7 Days History tour itinerary for Morro de São Paulo & Salvador: Explore Morro De Sao Paulo And Bahia's Capital

Morro de São Paulo, Salvador

Boating Tour
History Tour
Eco Tourism Tour

Visit Salvador and Morro de Sao Paulo, which share a long history since the days of Brazil's colonization.

DAY 01

Transfer Airport Hotel in Salvador/Dinner Show

  • Tour Leader will be waiting at the airport to welcome you to Salvador. Then we will leave you at your hotel while telling you a little about this city and we will check in.

  • Depending on the arrival time, and if we arrive at the hotel early in the evening, at about 7:00 pm we will go out to enjoy a dinner show full of African-Bahian culture and cuisine. (More details in 'Additional Information')

  • If we arrive at the hotel late in the evening  we will postpone this activity for the next day.

  • Go back to the hotel at about 10:30 pm so you can rest.

Requirements: Money for drinks.

Included: Transport; Local guide; Bahian buffet; Folkloric show.

Not included: Drinks and tips.

DAY 02

City Tour Salvador Full Day

Guide will pick you up at the agreed time in order to go out and explore Salvador city's rich African culture. From orishas to Catholic churches intercontinental religions and cultures merge. We we'll return to the hotel at about 5:30pm so you can enjoy the night whichever way you want perhaps you wan to rest or you want to explore Salvador's nightlife on your own.

  • This full day city tour invites us to get to know Salvador de Bahía by knowing its history, culture, gastronomy, beaches, landscapes and architecture. From its days as the country first capital with its big African influence until modern times when Salvador tries to show itself to the world as a destination of beaches and resorts.

  • We will start the tour at your hotel where our guide will pick you up at 09:00 am. We'll head to Ribeira municipality, where we'll visit a local artist who spreads Orishas Bahian culture in his works. We will also visit an old seaport where the first aircraft used to arrived at Salvador and the famous Riveira ice cream shop that has won several awards as the best one in Salvador.

  • Then we will visit the Senhor de Bom Fim Church, where the famous Senhor Bom Fim bracelets were born, the which ones that you can ask 3 wishes to each bracelet. The next stop will be at Fort Monte Serrat considered one of the greatest military works of colonial Brazil. From there we will also have a beautiful view of All Saints Bay.

  • The next stop will be at the Irma Dulce church and museum, a very important person in Bahian culture that is close to being declared a saint by the miracles attributed to her. Besides the works she did in life helping the needy is nowadays one of the major public hospitals in Salvador.

  • Next stop will be Dique de Tororó with its 8 orishas sculptures and modern Fonte Nova soccer stadium.

  • At this point we are ready for a lunch buffet at the restaurant Coliseo located in Pelurinho.

  • After lunch we will walk to see the attractions of this historic neighborhood. We will go to San Francisco church, with its stunning decor bathed in gold. We will walk by Pelurinho streets getting to know its main attractions and souvenir shops. We will take the Lacerda elevator and visit Modelo market, that has been a place of trading since colonial times.

  • We will return to our vehicle and go towards Barra's sector where we will get to know its waterfront and Barra's Farol, a meeting point between the Atlantic Ocean and All Saints Bay.

  • We will end the day visiting Iemanjá's house in Rio Vermelho neighborhood and then guide will drop you at your hotel.

Requirements: Sunscreen; Money for lunch.

Included: Transport; Local guide; Entrance to San Francisco church.

Not included: Lunch and tips.

DAY 03

Praia do Forte and Tamar Project

This day we will visit the Salvador's northern coast and one of the most important conservation projects in Brazil: Tamar project. Tour leader will be waiting at the hotel lobby at 09:00 am and we will be returning to the hotel at about 05:00 pm.

Praia do Forte Beach & Tamar Sea Turtles Project

  • This tour allow us to get to know Salvador north coast, especially Praia do Forte, a city known as the Brazilian Polynesia. This day tour is loved by children and ecologists because it includes a visit to Tamar Project, sea turtles study and protection base.

  • We will start the tour with our guide picking you up at your hotel at 08:30am. We head north through Jaguaribe, Piata and Itapua beaches.

  • We will take the "Coco" route that will delight us with its beautiful landscapes to reach Praia do Forte. Despite being a tourist destination with first class hotels, Praia do Forte maintains its natural beauty beaches. Its waterfront offers souvenirs, clothes and local crafts shops. Its past goes back to local fishermen who inhabited the area.

  • On this place we will also find the visitors center of Tamar project to protect sea turtles, the most important one in Brazil. Here we will be able to learn about the growth of various types of sea turtles in Brazil on their various stages, and also about other species of the area. This place also has a souvenir shop with products manufactured in that same place in order to raise funds for the project.

  • Depending on the tide our relaxing time will take place on Praia do Forte beach or on Guarajuba, the latter awaits us with a delicious lunch of typical Bahian food.

  • Our tour will end at your hotel doors.

Requirements: Sunscreen; Swimsuit.

Included: Transport; Local guide.

Not included: Lunch; Entrance to Tamar Project (R$ 20); Tips.

DAY 04

Transfer to Morro de Sao Paulo and City Tour

  • Tour leader will wait for you in the hotel lobby. Then we will go to the sea or airport terminal, depending on the means of transportation your choose, to reach Morro de Sao Paulo (the timetable will also depend on this). Beautiful landscapes make up All Saints Bay which we will see from the sky or around us from the sea.

  • When we arrive to Morro de Sao Paulo a typical 'taxi' of the place (handcarts) will be waiting for us to take our luggage to the chosen hotel. Here we will be able to feel the island and Bahian atmosphere characteristic of Morro.

  • After check-in at our hotel we'll go to lunch at a local restaurant, and have our first encounter with the delicious "moquecas".

  • At 03:00 pm we will have our first activity on this island.

  • Go on a city tour around this town's main sightseeing and its important colonial history; in addition to the option of a fun zip line.(More details in 'Additional Information')

  • Finish with dinner and live music before being dropped to the hotel at about 09:00 pm for a much deserved rest.

Requirements: Sunscreen; Swimsuit (for those who wanna zip line); Money for lunch or dinner.

Included: Local guide; Zip line (for those who want this option).

Not included: Lunch or dinner; Tips.

DAY 05

Getting to know Tinharé and Boipeba Islands

We will wake up to the sounds of the island: ocean waves, some boats, birds, etc. This day we will get a broad view of Tinharé island as a whole because we're gonna go on a tour called "Island Tour" (see: Around Tinharé Island). We are going to enjoy Tinharé and Boipeba most beautiful beaches and taste products like cocadas, lobsters and oysters among others. Guide will be waiting for you at 09:00 am and we will go back to Morro around 5:30pm to enjoy a beautiful sunset. This night passengers will be free to discover the best of Morro de Sao Paulo nightlife for themselves.

Around Tinharé Island

  • On this tour we're gonna meet some of the Tinharé and Boipeba islands' most beautiful beaches. We'll do it by boat, relaxing on the beaches and tasting its main local products.

  • The tour will start at you hotel at  09:00 am where our tour leader will be waiting for you. After that we will walk about 20 minutes to get to the boat that will be our primary mean of transportation thorough our trip.

  • The first stop will be Garapuá beach that will amaze visitors with its natural pools that are ideal to practice snorkel and colorful fish watching that live in this place (these activities depend on the weather for an optimal visibility). Besides, the beach offers us the typical landscape filled with palm threes where the locals sell the famous “cocada” a typical sweet made of coconut. We will stay here around 50 minutes enjoying one of Tinharé's most beautiful landscapes.

  • Encounter a similar sea line on the next stop: Moreré beach. This place has stayed away from tourist and urban development that both Morro de Sao Paulo and Boipeba have had. You can only get there via boats or tractors that leave from Boipeba. Its natural pools also offer us 50 minutes of enjoyment and fish watching.

  • Then we'll go to Cueira Beach. Here we'll be able to enjoy the cuisine that local fishermen offer us with lobster as the main attraction.

  • The next destination is Boca da Barra beach in Boipeba we can get there by 2 different ways: by sea using our boat or making a small 20 minutes walking down the island vegetation and through Tassimirim beach. Once we are in Boca da Barra we will eat some typical local dish based on fish and seafood. The gentle breeze of this place will give us some time to digest our lunch.

  • At about 14:30 we will continue our tour sailing on Rio do Inferno, a water passage that divides the Tinharé and Boipeba islands and we'll head towards Cairu, the administrative city of Tinharé archipelago, to visit the Santo Antonio convent, historic heritage from Brazil colonial times.

  • Then on our way to Morro de Sao Paulo we will stop at  Canavieira's natural oyster breeder, where you can taste their various dishes besides taking one last bath.

  • The return to the hotel will be around 17:30 with the option to stop at Morro de Sao Paulo fort to delight us with a beautiful sunset.

Requirements: Sunscreen; Swimsuit; Cash for food.

Included: Tour Leader; Boat transport Local guide; Snorkel for diving.

Not included: Lunch, cocadas, lobsters and oysters; Tips.

DAY 06

Sea and mud bath

This new day will begin later at about 10:00 am or 11:00 am depending on your preferences. Our guide will wait for you at the hotel lobby to take you on a new tour:


  • Option 1: For the more adventurous: Kayak or Stand Up to Caitá Island and Hike Morro/Gamboa (see: Hike Morro/Gamboa). 11:00 am. We will head towards the third beach to take a kayak or stand up and paddle to Caitá island. Here you can practice snorkeling and appreciate the marine fauna that lives within the corals. Then we will have lunch at a third beach typical restaurant. After that we'll have a regenerating adventure hiking to the mud banks located in Gamboa. We will hike by the sea or across the hills that unite Morro and Gamboa (walking by the waterfall Fonte do Ceu). Gamboa is a fishing village that offers calm beaches thanks to the fact that it is facing the continent. On the mud banks we will be able to give our body a therapeutic mud bath which will leave our skin incredibly soft. We will go back walking or take a boat from Gamboa to Morro, depending on your preferences, at about 5:00pm.

  • Option 2: For those who want to rest: Gamboa Boat (see: Gamboa Boat Tour). 10:00 am. We will also head to third beach to catch a boat that will take us to the west side of the island, including Gamboa where we'll have a mud bath and we'll have lunch. We will get to know places like Punta Corral and part of Valenca/Gamboa road. We'll head back to Morro at about 04:00 pm.

Hike Morro/Gamboa

  • Enjoy nature and its gifts. Morro/Gamboa hike offers a mix of mountains, beaches, waterfalls, mud baths and baths at the sea, getting to know Morro de Sao Paulo corners and enjoying Gamboa fishing culture.

  • Our guide will pick you up at your hotel to start the circuit either on the morning (am) or on the afternoon (pm).

  • We will take the road that goes by Fuente Grande and continue through different Morro's neighborhoods getting to the road that leads to the "Fonte do Céu" waterfall. Before leaving Morro's last houses we will be able to appreciate beautiful views of the continent, appreciating the calm waters on that side of the island.

  • Once out of Morro we will reach part of the APA (area of environmental protection of the Tinharé and Boipeba islands) which houses species native to the place. We will walk up to the Fonte Do Céu where we'll take a revitalizing fresh water bath and we'll spend some time listening to the water and looking at the place's biodiversity.

  • When we'll got our strength back we'll continue along the road to Gamboa's northern region, where we'll found some rest bars, inns and houses. Here we will be able to eat or drink something, for those who want to, and then we'll head towards mud beach. This mud is well known for its beneficial properties for the skin. Here we'll have a mud bath and we'll also bathe in the calm sea.

  • After that, we will continue on the same beach to a pier known as Madagascar, former Yacht Club. In this road we'll get to know "gamboas" fishing system typical of this area, which gives it the name. After going by Madagascar we'll reach Porto de Cima beach where we will continue until reaching Morro de Sao Paulo entry.

  • Our guide will leave you at the hotel or wherever you wish.

  • We can only walk along the beach road when there's low tide, so the circuit might be done in the opposite direction depending on this.


Requirements: Sunscreen; Swimsuit.

Included: Tour Leader; Local guide.

Not included: Food and drinks; Tips.

Gamboa Boat Tour

  • Gamboa is a fishing village that despite Tinhare' island tourism growth, remains calm and its inhabitants keep their customs.

  • We will start this tour at your hotel where our Tour Leader will be waiting for you. Then we'll walk to third beach where we'll board one of the typical boats coloring Morro's coastline. Here we will begin our journey to Gamboa, getting to know a little about Morro's history when sailing in front of second and first beach, the fort, an abandoned dock, and “puntilla” area, until we reach our first destination, Gamboa's clay bank. Here we will give ourselves the time to take a clay bath and to drink the water that flows from this place (optional), which one, for the locals, is the best water in the area.

  • Then we'll go back to our boat to go to the sandbar located midway between Gamboa and Valenca. This place has the peculiarity that after a movie was filmed there, it began to sprout vegetation that year after year continues to grow. It is a quiet place away from the world in which we'll walk and relax.

  • Then we'll go to see the coast of Punta de Corral, the place that received Brazil's first cattle and it is currently privately own which keeps the place quiet and free of tourism.

  • At this time we will probably be quite hungry so we'll head towards Gamboa's main dock to eat the exquisite typical Bahian food while we enjoy the seashore. Consistent of moquecas, octopus, shrimp and different fish.

  • After lunch we will return to Morro de Sao Paulo to go down to the main pier of this village where our guide will accompany you to your hotel or to the place where you wish to finish the tour.


Requirements: Sunscreen; Swimsuit; Money for lunch.

Included: Tour Leader; Boat transport; Local guide.

Not included: Lunch; Tips.

DAY 07

Transfer to Salvador

  • As every beginning has an end, after a delicious breakfast tour leader will be waiting in the lobby of your hotel to go to the dock or airport, depending your mean transport chosen.

  • The departure time is flexible having talked about it with the tour leader the day before.

  • When arriving to Salvador our guide will leave you back at your hotel or at the airport, whichever you choose.

  • 6490 BRL Per Adult (* 4 pax minimum. Ask for other pax price.)
  • Tour Leader.

  • Transfers.

  • Local guides.

  • Accommodation.

  • Breakfast.

  • Dinner Show in Salvador.

  • All Program's Tours.

  • Entrance to Morro de Sao Paulo.

  • Equipment for Activities.

  • Lunch and tastings.

  • Dinners (except Dinner Show).

  • Travel Insurance.

  • Tips.

Salvador Dinner Show (Available only Monday, Wednesday and Saturday)

  • Come and see the best of Bahian music and dances along with the best cuisine in Salvador.

  • We will have a dinner show filled with rich Orishas' African culture. This show contains cleansing rituals to call the Orishas, introductions of every Orisha, their costumes, and dances. It also includes capoeira, maculelé and samba de roda exhibitions, among others aspects of these regions.

  • All of this in a pleasant atmosphere with an outstanding variety of Bahian dishes in a super buffet to eat till we feel completely full.

  • Our guide we'll look for you and leave you at the hotel giving you an introduction of Salvador's nightlife.

Morro City Tour with Zip Line

  • Get to know the history of one of Brazil's oldest towns. Since its beginnings, being an island with dirt roads until today as one of Brazil's main tourist destinations. We'll get to know its attractions and its many beaches and special places.

  • We will also have the option to slide down one of the largest zip lines throughout Brazil from a lighthouse with 340 meters away and 60 meters high landing on the sea.

  • You can learn how people live in this increasingly cosmopolitan town.

  • Then we will have lunch or dinner (depending on the time) at a local restaurant.

We will visit:

  • La Fuente Grande, one of Brazil's oldest buildings.

  • Aureliano Lima Square: Morro's most important meeting point of art and culture. By nightfall the local craftsmen display their art and also the main stage has sporadic shows.

  • Church of Our Lady of the Light, which dates from 1628.

  • Port of Morro de Sao Paulo, which receives tourists from around the world daily.

  • Colonial fort, with stories of the Portuguese and Dutch.

  • Morro lighthouse, which at the time was the most modern of the Brazilian coast.

  • Lighthouse view, one of the most beautiful postcard views in the island.

  • First beach where the zip line arrives and it is also the scene of surfers and water sports lovers.

  • Second beach, with its dozens of bars with live music in addition to its cuisine.

  • Saudade Island, a point of tranquility so close and at the same time so far away from everything.

  • Third beach with its boardwalk, airport and top quality resorts.

  • Fourth beach, the quieter beach of Morro de Sao Paulo with its temperate natural pools that face east remembering Bahía's African past.

Morro de São Paulo, Salvador

Boating Tour
History Tour
Eco Tourism Tour

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