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5 Hours Culture tour itinerary for Morro de São Paulo: Explore The Picturesque Ilha De Tinharé Island

Morro de São Paulo

Culture Tour
History Tour
Ziplining Tour
Explore the picturesque Ilha de Tinharé Island

Starting point of the Zip Line

Morro de São Paulo-Brazil

Get to know the history of this town which is also one of Brazil's oldest towns. Since it's beginnings, being an island with dirt roads, today this place is one of Brazil's most tourist destinations. 

DAY 01

Morro de São Paulo

Visit the following places with the Brazilian tour guide:

  • La Fuente Grande, one of Brazil's oldest buildings.

  • Aureliano Lima Square: Morro's most important meeting point of art and culture. By nightfall the local craftsmen display their art and also the main stage has sporadic shows.

  • Church of Our Lady of the Light, which dates from 1628.

  • Port of Morro de Sao Paulo, which receives tourists from around the world daily.

  • Colonial Fort, with stories of the Portuguese and Dutch.

  • Morro Lighthouse, which at the time was the most modern of the Brazilian coast.

  • Lighthouse view, one of the most beautiful postcard views on the island.

  • The first beach where the zip line arrives and it is also the scene of surfers and water sports lovers.

  • The second beach, with its dozens of bars with live music in addition to its cuisine.

  • Saudade Island, a point of tranquillity so close and at the same time so far away from everything.

  • The third beach with its boardwalk, airport and top quality resorts.

  • The fourth beach, the quieter beach of Morro de São Paulo with its temperate natural pools that face east remembering Bahía's African past.

  • Enjoy lunch or dinner (depending on the time) at a local restaurant.

  • Morning: Pick up at the hotel at 0900 and drop off at the hotel at 1400.

  • Evening: Pick up at the hotel at 1500 and drop off at the hotel at 2000. 

  • 150 BRL Per Adult (* 2 pax minimum)
  • Brazilian tour guide.

  • Zipline (for those who want this option).

  • Tour Leader.

  • Lunch or dinner.

  • Tips.

  • Requirements: sunscreen, swimsuit (for those who wanna zip line) and money for lunch or dinner. 

  • Get to know the history of one of Brazil's oldest towns. Since its beginnings, being an island with dirt roads until today as one of Brazil's main tourist destinations. We'll get to know its attractions and its many beaches and special places.

  • We will also have the option to slide down one of the largest zip lines throughout Brazil from a lighthouse with 340 meters away and 60 meters high landing on the sea. 

  • You can learn how people live in this increasingly cosmopolitan town.

Morro de São Paulo

Culture Tour
History Tour
Ziplining Tour

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Private Tour


This tour is offered throughout the year.The tour starts at 09:00 hours.

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