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George is a knoladgeble, reliable guide.  His English is good. We spend the whole day with him. He was attentive to our needs. ... More more right

Review for Jorge Jerez

Excellent service.  If someone looking tourist service in La Paz.   Highly recommen contact Javier for a service. More more right

Review for Javier Quispe

Claudio was an excellent guide. As assistant guide for our trek, he was a calm and steady influence, always making sure that the ... More more right

Review for Claudio Maqque Valdez

Top Private Tour Guides in Bolivia

Jorge Jerez

3 Reviews

Cota6000 Expediciones is the fantasy name that I grant to the dream of make from a passion, my lifestyle. Although I qualified as an Engineer and worked successfully in this important area, in essence I am an explorer, mountaineer and traveler. I never liked conventional tourism, in my travels I always avoided going where most went, looking for new routes where I could be alone or with someone else, but ... more

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Claudio Maqque Valdez

2 Reviews

I was born on August 10, 1982, in the town of Pomocanchi, Acomayo, south of Cusco. I am the son of Felicitas Valdez and Bernadino Maqque. When I was one year old, my family moved to an old colonial house in San Cristobal, a traditional neighbourhood in Cusco, where I formed lasting friendships. The oldest of 4 children, I quickly gained maturity and responsibility. I helped my family ... more

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Javier Quispe

1 Review

I love my job, I will be guiding the rest of my life. more

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Luis Chuquimia

1 Review

Hi my name is Luis, I´m 29 years old. I´ve been working in the Death Road since 2006. At the beginning I just use to work as a guide-counter in a travel agency, wich was helpful for me, cause I could see the needs of the tourist wich the company I worked don´t cared. So, I decided To open my own company. Here I dont have a haughty boss who tells me to hurry up ´people to arrive early, to ... more

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Emmanuel Monroy

I'm a tour guide from Bolivia working since 4 years ago and I've travel all around my country which is beautiful, there are plenty of places that tourists must visit inside Bolivia. I speak fluent spanish, good english, and a few of aymara (native language), Also I guide especially in places like La Paz City, Copacabana (Titicaca Lake), Tiwanaku, Uyuni Salt Falt and ... more

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J Cesar Renjel

Hola!! I'm Cesar, an experienced and professional licensed Tourist Guide of Bolivia, I've been working as a tourist Guide since 1994, I'm responsible for helping tourists to visit unfamiliar areas, ensuring the safety of the group, I love enjoying the wonder of my guests while I'm talking about the history of Bolivia and many other facts. I'm  flexible, proactive, enthusiastic ... more

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Javier Pinikas

I like to join the tourist in the wild of the puna plato in Argentina, and show the ritchnest in landskape, mi hobby is the picture at bird's. I climb mountains but not for sport, just for enjoy everithing in the mountain. i prefer the conection with the nature.I got mi Own tourism Company, and i work a lot with cientist and archelogist in the andes, I develop in the province of salta many tourist ... more

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Jose Huaman

Hello my dear friends. i am a local guide from Peru, born in the community of Cusco at Chinchero town. My first laguage was Inca or Qechua then I learned Spanish, English, Italian, so i have been guiding for long time and for me, sharing my information comes from my heart. I would like to organize trips for you along Peru and also offer sevices off the beaten path and Andean master ... more

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