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17 Days Culture tour itinerary for burkina-faso: Venture Through This West African Country

Banfora, Bobo Dioulasso, Dedougou, Ouagadougou, Tiebele

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Venture Through this West African Country

meet a crocodile

Ouagadougou-Burkina Faso

Come and discover the traditional way of living of the people of Burkina Faso. Bobo ethnic group, sacred catfish pond, Niansogoni village, the hippos of Tengrela Lake and much more will excite you. End the tour with sightseeing in the capital city. 

DAY 01

Arrival Ouagadougou

  • Arrive by International flight at the airport of Ouagadougou. 

  • Welcome, transfer to the hotel and overnight in Ouagadougou.

DAY 02

Ouaga – Bobo

  • Depart to the western part of Burkina Faso: Bobo Dioulasso, the economic capital of the country. 

  • Meet the animist Bobo ethnic group who adored catfish. 

  • Stopover at Koro, a Bobo animist village constructed on amasses of granite. 

  • Visit the old mosque of Dioulassoba, built in 18 centuries, the central market of Bobo Dioulasso.

Overnight at Bobo Dioulasso in the hotel.

DAY 03

Dafra: sacred cat fish

  • Let go down to the sacred catfish pond at Dafra, where people come to ask for protection and good future from these fishes.

  • Visit the museum of traditional instruments of music and the train station built in Sudanese architecture type.

Overnight at Bobo Dioulasso in the hotel

DAY 04

Bobo – Banfora – Niansogoni


  •  Depart to Banfora and join Niansogoni to visit the troglodyte village of Niansogoni, where the Wara people refuge during the tribal wars.

Overnight at the encampment of an encampment in Niansogoni

DAY 05

Niansogoni - Sindou

  • Depart towards Sindou, where you visit the peaks (rock) to see the work of erosion and wind. Here you can imagine all the things of these rocks. 

  • Stopover in the griot village of Kawara, where the women practice pottery work. 

  • Let us visit on our way the Senoufo village of Lera, animistic people and important farmer of rice. 

Overnight at Sindou in the Soutrala encampment

DAY 06

Sindou– Douna the Turka land

  • Drive to the fishermen camp of Niofila to meet the Bozo ethnic group who fish all their life and the 12 caves, which serve as a refuge to the Turka people during the raid of the conqueror Almamy Samory Toure. 

Overnight at Douna in the encampment

DAY 07

Douna – Lac de Tengrela

  • Depart towards the lake of Tengrela to take our boat to surprises hippopotamuses. 

  • Stopover at sacred baobab of Toumouseni and Wolokonto. 

Overnight at Tengrela in the encampment by the lake.

DAY 08

Waterfalls of Karfiguéla – Bérégadougou – Karaboro village

  • Departure for the waterfalls of Karfiguéla, where you can swim.

  • Stopover in a Karaboro village.

  • Continue to Bérégadougou to visit the women cooperative, which makes the transformation (processing) cashew nut and dried mango.

  • Return to Banfora and overnight in Banfora at the Hotel.

DAY 09

Village of Kribina – Sitiena – Tiékouna

  • Let spend the day with the Karaboro people of these three villages to participate in their daily activities, which are pottery making, basketwork where they work in a hole and palm wine extraction. It is their real traditional way of living.

Overnight in Banfora at the Hotel.

DAY 10

Loropéni – Obiré – Gaoua

  • Early departure to the mysterious stone ruins of Loropéni, whose origin are unknown. Loropeni is also the site of a large and diverse market held every five days.

  • Pass by Obiré to see the sanctuary of the Gan kings.

  • Continue towards Gaoua the Lobi country to visit the Poni Museum, dedicated to the Lobi culture.

Overnight in Gaoua at the hotel.

DAY 11

Gaoua – Kampti

  • Depart for Kampti to meet the Lobi fetish chief priest. 

  • Visit the village of the sculptors of the Lobi artwork and basketwork. 

  • Explore the Soukala Lobi (fortress-like Lobi architecture) with your Burkina Faso tour guide. 

Overnight in Gaoua at the hotel.

DAY 12

Gaoua - Diébuogou - Léo – Nazinga Ranch

  • Early departure to the Ranch of Nazinga, where you will make a small safari to see elephants and some antelope.

  • Stopover at Diébougou to see the cave of the german army.

  • Make a stop at Léo.

  • Join the track for our destination Nazinga.

Overnight at the encampment at the heart of the Ranch of Nazinga.

DAY 13

Nazinga - Po – Tiébélé

  • Proceed to Tiébélé to see the houses of Gourounsi paint by women and its royal compound.

  • Make a small stopover at Pô.

Overnight in Tiébélé Kunkulo encampment.

DAY 14

Tiébélé - Ouagadougou

  • Return to Ouagadougou by visiting on our way the pottery village. 

  • Make a stop at Kombisiri to see mossi house and it 300 years old mosque. 

Overnight in Ouagadougou Chez Tess typical room

DAY 15

Manega - Laongo

  • Head to Manega to see the museum of the "bendrologie", the language of the drum; ethnological treasure which gathers sacred masks, instruments of traditional music, gravestones, statues and reconstructions of scenes of the traditional life. 

  • Go to the Granit Garden of Laongo to see how artists give life to this granit. 

Over night in Ouagadougou at the hotel.

DAY 16

Ouagadougou – Bazoule - Kokolgho

  • Go to Bazoule to meet the Mossi tradition, where their animal protectors are crocodiles and the palace of the mossi chief of Kokologho.

Overnight in an encampment of Bazoule

DAY 17


  • Take this day to explore Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso’s capital city.

  • Visit the Central Market and the National Museum, with its interesting collection of regional clothing, masks, household utensils, and ancestral statues.

  • Observe the craft market at the Artisans’ Center, where you will find wooden statues, masks, jewellery, leatherwork and bronze castings.

  • Later today, transfer to the airport for your return flight

  • 2000 EUR Per Adult , 1200 EUR Per Child (* Base double room)
  • 16 nights in the hotel.

  • Breakfasts, lunches and dinners (drinks not included, with the exception of bottled water).

  • Transport (including fuel and driver).

  • Burkinabé guide competent at all visits.

  • Transfer airport-hotel-airport.

  • Taxes and local tourism taxes.

  • International flights.

  • Visa fees.

  • Special drinks.

  • Gratuities.

  • Personal expenses.

Banfora, Bobo Dioulasso, Dedougou, Ouagadougou, Tiebele

Nature Tour
Culture Tour
Photography Tour

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Jimoh Lateef

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